lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2007


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An Answer
What is time doing to me?
I cannot realize about it.
While some do know about their acts,
and others are enjoying their search,
I am sitting here trying to find out the facts,
and waiting for the omnipotent sun.
Meanwhile, those some and others are having fun,
But I´ll not be able to do so,
until life answers my hope:
What are you going to do for me?
I wonder when you are telling that,
'cos until then, I could become mad.
Maybe this is going to be done,
Till my thoughts find that fun.

LiesThey want me to play,
and I do not have to.
All these miseries of political government ways
make us feel the forever-madly corruption too.
You want something that does not pollute,
well, you have to invest with your work,
though you do not want to consume
the stuff from this stubborn system.
-->They make you think it is better,but you know they do not have the reason.
The conclusion is fucking simple,
they do not care about anything!
Everything they want is for their benefits,
but you will not take them.
I want to change this matter,
but then I realize I need you,
unless you were one of them!

Upon a Way

Why all this has to happen?

We do not need it,

Because we will suffer now and then,

Before the entire world ended.

Now that you can avoid it,

Try to think when you are laid,

And make an effort to find your way;

No one would tell you the right thing.

If you think you are lost,

Do not care about it so much,

Because there will be someone who will post

The things you need to hear about love.

So try to find your right way

Though someone do not let you be away.


The more works you read
The less happiness you find,
Because your imagination will lead
This state of mind.
When you realize
The works you have read
Did not make you be surprised,
The more you know your happiness is dead,
Because it is supposed
That those works are for entertainment and imagination,
But finally you realized
That your trip to happiness has no nation.
Thus, my friend, you will use your eyes
To realize that happiness is in somewhere alive.

Why are we in this place?
Why are we given such a thing?
Because, as far as we know, we always think,
But it could lead us to the wrong way.
And, oh Reason, why you are always there,
Because you make me feel sad,
When I think about something everywhere
And realize that this world is getting mad.
However, these lines are also a sign
Of the mental illness that all we encounter
In some time in our dammed life,
So do not feel this kind of endanger,
Because all of us sometimes wanted to leave this world,
But do not worry as long as you realize you learn.
A Place
How I can leave such a place,If my mind says there is no way
To leave this unforgettable space,
Though my body has to be in this field away.
My mind will not forget you,
But my body does not care.
So what I am expected to do
When both argue about this matter.
Myself do not know the option,
Though someone could tell me that
Instead of saying these things, I would feel sad
If my search depends on the opinions.
Lets give a chance to the destiny
To give me the returning back of this place, so lovely…


All of us have something to hide
And we enjoy it while doing it,
Though some people called it vice,
We know it is not such a thing.
It can be harmful for oneself,
But if one enjoys it knowing the stuff,
There is not such a pain in yourself
While you know everyone has one.
It could be the Smoke, the Drinks, the Sex,
But you cannot know which one
Makes you happier, because the rest
That you have never taken,
Could get you inside it, like this,
Unless you have tasted all these lines

To Ronnie

Now that I know this site

It´s useful to know all of you,
Because I am glad to cite
The balls you pot so good.

Everyone in this forum

Loves and wants Ronnie

To be our lovely lotus

And our great ronin.

Thus I write these words

To show you my love

Though I hope to see you in this world

To share all my trust.

So let this site to become our home

Unless you want us be your fellows.

Waiting for you

All of us were waiting for you,

Until next week in the snooker table.

Everyone of this forum wants to be in the mood,

Though not everyone can be physically near you.

However, it will be as we were with you there,

Because you deserve all our company

In these difficult days for trying to be everywhere,

But you will be inside us, like our dear country.

So, do not give your possibility up,

Because you know you can win this one,

Unless there were some ifs and buts,

If so, you know we will never let you up.

Hope these lines make you feel better,

Because for this voice you could do whatever.

A Day

Another good, worthy and sad day,
While my works are done,
Everybody will be soon gone,
And this is supposedly not to be fair,
Because I do not like to play
With this kind of unhappy air.
However, you will be there,
Perhaps I will not see you again,
But I know that you are in somewhere
Improving all the hopes you have dreamt.
So take these to make you happy,
Unless you think it is not worthy.

This or that?

These desires are killing me…
While I want this or those,
Another me is saying he likes this,
Though I know it is not supposed
To be the things one likes so far.
Hope you will understand these lines,
Because everyone has something to hide,
Unless they know they give them a chance
To be what they really want to become.
So, let me “introduce” this feeling
As it has always be in this damned thing,
Which it is called by some of you as “the thing that cums”.
Why do we have these thoughts
When we do not want them to look for?

The Emerald Island

I do not know what this place has,
But I guess it is something nice.
Its people… some of them are kind,
Though others are completely mad.
Hopefully I will be there again,
And meet the same people I already met
The time I discovered this lovely country,
Because they just make me feel it.
I know I cannot be in two places,
But my mind will be here and there,
Until I find a comfortable place to stay.
Some friends will be missed forever.
However, we know that nothing lasts too much,
Unless you make the effort to close that nub.